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JAPPS links healthcare and mobile technology. We offer healthcare providers and businesses strategic advice on how to develop and implement mobile technologies. Additionally, we develop mobile apps for both iOS and Android. This unique combination under the same roof is one of the great strengths of JAPPS.

With increasing healthcare demands and decreasing budgets, the current healthcare system is prone for change. We believe mobile apps can be of great benefit here. Mobile technologies can enable remote patient monitoring, improve diagnosis, prevent disease progression, and improve patient outcomes in general.



Within JAPPS we have longstanding experience in medical and scientific research, concept development for pharma, together with software development. We are more than happy to share this experience to perform research, provide strategic advice, and to develop new concepts.

Software development

We offer in house development expertise. JAPPS develops mobile apps for iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Android, custom made for your needs. In addition to mobile apps we can deliver web applications when needed; both for content management and user interfacing.

Optimized user experience

At Japps we understand that the end-user of care-related software often has very limited understanding of technology. Therefore we design our software to be very easy to use by both youth and elderly.